The router login IP of is getting huge errors, thousands of users are having issues with these days as many users are using the routers whose default is But you may have faced the issues like you are unable to access the above IP and you landed to Google search result page.

The reason behind not able to access is quite obvious that you are using something which doesn’t exist and you are mistyping actually the router login IP. The original IP is But you entered the 5 blocks instead of 4 blocks.

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If a user who is trying to access the router login page and the details is entered in the URL bar in the chrome then you know why you landed on Google serach result page? It’s just because Google Chrome and all those other browsers who use Chromium and can not spell out the IP if it has more than or less than four blocks.

The router IP you use was just consisted of 5 blocks,, isn’t it?

So, if you want to access login IP then there is no way to get access of it, unless you do something in your system to access that offline, but I don’t think even that would be possible.

  • Our guide for how to visit and change password and other details for are provided below.
  • First of all instead of typing above IP, you need to visit the main IP of here, thenafter as we see, you will see the login page.
  • On this login page, you will have to enter the details like the user name and password for router.
  • So, what I want to recommended to  just go to the original and enter admin and password which you can get from the backside of the box of router.
  • The username and password can be got from the backside of your router, behind the router there is always such info printed like what is login credential for
  • Hence, once you get the details for login then you will have to enter details and then login and change the details which you wanted for your routers. Login

It’s easy to access 8 series IP login with our above guide, just go through the simple steps and you are good to go for the accessing and changing the details for 8 series. IP.